Did you know that M83’s Midnight City and Smash Mouth’s All Star have a tempo difference of only 1 BPM?

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Hey, I don't hate myself. I can understand your not liking what I do, or at the very least be tolerant of it. That's your choice. I suppose it's also your choice to think something, untrue or not. But I'd like to give you the opportunity to know your assumptions are completely wrong. I really don't want to get into an argument over this, because at the end of the day, you're obviously very passionate and set in your opinions. As am I. But you really should know that I love myself very deeply.



I don’t care at all about keeping an “open mind” when it comes to men slapping women on camera and excusing that as a “kink” like its normal, regular behavior to be violent and abusive towards women during sex. I don’t care if its “consensual” either because you’re still contributing to how men view women as inferior sex objects by happily posting all of these videos and photos online. Its clear you don’t see this as a problem when you have photos of yourself naked in a cage wearing a dog collar

I wouldn’t say when people refer to their interest in bdsm as a kink that they’re trying to put it off as alright or normalize it. Hence them using the word “kink”. Though I’d consider it common behavior — (increasingly) consensual or (unfortunately) not.

It is fucked up. I don’t deny it, and I can honestly say I don’t think most people involved in that sort of sexual behavior would deny it, either — which is where me being okay with the whole thing comes in.

When there is a community, involving two or two hundred people, that creates a space for people to be accountable for their “kinks”, a safe space is created — for the people in that community, and the people who choose not to be a part of it.

I understand that “normalizing” can be seen as dangerous from certain perspectives. I don’t doubt there are deeply sadistic, sick people who possibly gain some sort of “okay” for the way they think because of things like kink videos or clubs or whatever, but there are also people who don’t.

People are fucked up. That’s it. There are thousands of reasons one may be interested in bdsm/kinky stuff, but I don’t think most of those reasons are as simple as “I want to hurt people”.

Personally, I understand your anger. It’s fucking disgusting how common it is for a female/woman to be treated inappropriately and unfairly. I’ve cried countless times for the latter, over myself, and all too often, over others. But when I’m getting slapped around by a partner or another performer (both consensually), I can honestly say I don’t feel anywhere even close to how I’ve felt when I was being sexually harassed and abused in the past. How human sexuality and psychology works are both labyrinths I am still figuring my way about.

There is definitely more I have and would like to say on the subject, but I’d consider this a good stopping point for the time being.



onecarefulowner wanted me to do a recording of this.  Well, if THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT.  Man, I haven’t seen Spongebob in ages.

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